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2004 Wont sift out of park, no power windows or heater blower, or brake lights.

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We went out to dinner the other night with no issues showing, came out and the car won't shift out of park. Using the mechanical override the car shifts and runs fine, but I have no brake lights, power windows or heater blower!

So it is unsafe to drive without brake lights.

Following the suggestions in the forum I replaced the brake switch under the pedal, checked all of the fuses under the dash, checked and cleaned all the fuses and relays under the hood, pulled the console and spray cleaned the electrical connection from the shift lever. I plan on going to a picj and pull later to pull all the relays as well.

I have backup lights, flashers tail lights and turn signals.

Im at a loss...any other suggestions? Is there a specific relay I should pay close attention to, and if so, where?


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There's no point in pulling the relays. In all my years of working on vehicles I've never known a relay to go bad. Your problem might be an ignition switch. This should be mounted under the dash, and is fairly inexpensive. With no blown fuses, no immediate wiring damage found, that's about the only thing I can think of.

Definitely check the ground connections to the chassis in the rear of the car. IIRC, there is a bundle of grounds around a bolt on the driver's side in the rear near that tail light.

What version of the car body do you have? We have also seen where the license plate lights have taken out the brake lights- but that's usually a blown fuse.

Something that is bothering me is that the brake lights should work without the ignition on- I think.. I'll have to check that this morning.
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