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2004 Wont sift out of park, no power windows or heater blower, or brake lights.

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We went out to dinner the other night with no issues showing, came out and the car won't shift out of park. Using the mechanical override the car shifts and runs fine, but I have no brake lights, power windows or heater blower!

So it is unsafe to drive without brake lights.

Following the suggestions in the forum I replaced the brake switch under the pedal, checked all of the fuses under the dash, checked and cleaned all the fuses and relays under the hood, pulled the console and spray cleaned the electrical connection from the shift lever. I plan on going to a picj and pull later to pull all the relays as well.

I have backup lights, flashers tail lights and turn signals.

Im at a loss...any other suggestions? Is there a specific relay I should pay close attention to, and if so, where?


Don M
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Thanks for the link....but the link seems to be dealing with a hatch issue, not a starting issue!
Yes. Sorry, I posted quickly and without any additional info. The point I was trying to make is; IF your car is a hatchback or wagon, there is a well known & recurring problem with wire damage inside that area. The wiring damage inside that rubber boot cause "opens and shorts" of several circuits. -More than you might think.

Inspect the wiring inside that area. And refer again to that link I posted about inspecting both sides of the affected area. -Top and bottom of the boot.

I am not saying all your problems are with wire damage in that area... but you gotta check it.

......not a starting issue!
Your OP did not mention a starting issue. Uh, did it?

You may or may not have the wire damage in that area. But please inspect it slowly and thoroughly.

check this out->

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