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Hola, :)

I just wanted to show off my current Focus build. It's a 2004 Focus SE ZETEC. So far I've done most of the bolt ons that I can think of, and even some extras :D This is what I've done with it so far:
  • FSWerks Race Header
  • 2.5" Flex Pipe & full 2.5" Exhaust
  • Custom Spectre Short Ram Intake
  • H&R Lowering Springs
  • FSWerks Strut bar
  • Kent Adjustable Cam Gears
  • Comp Cams XR Series Street/Competition Camshaft
  • Rear Engine & Driver side polyurethane motor mount
  • 28.6" Addco Rear Anti-sway bar
  • CFM 65mm Throttle Body
I end up posting most of my progress on it on my instagram so check it out (@Daemos555). I'll try and update the forums every now and then but it wont be as often as I post pictures to IG. Here's just a few recent images that I wanted to share. Hope you all enjoy ^___^

Bonus of your mechanic :) haha. Cheers. I'm currently working on a fiberglass hood to put on my focus.
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