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Finally going to take a run at rallycross. Been wanting to do so for awhile. Sold my Infiniti M35x and found a 2004 Focus SVT for a good price with only 115k miles. People who sold it weren't sure what was wrong with it but didn't want to spend any money to fix it. Put in a new battery (the one in it was more than 6 years old), coil pack, wires and spark plugs and it fired right up. Doesn't look like much maintenance was ever done on it (the oil filter had rust on it) so hopefully I didn't buy a money pit. At least they took really good care of the interior. I really wanted a ZX3 SVT, but for the price I got the ZX5 I'll have some $$ left over from the sell of my Infiniti to get it ready for rallycross.

Thanks to thenorm, SBK86, and rallyrs for paving the way and going through all the pain to figure out all the early pains of turning the Focus into a rally car.


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