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*SOLD* 2004 Focus SVT EAP, 3dr, Screaming Yellow. Rare and super clean

SOLD - 7/29/19

2004 Ford Focus SVT
Screaming Yellow, 3 door Hatchback, factory options:
• EAP (Euro appearance package)
◦ 17in. Dark Argent 15-spoke wheels
◦ Audiophile package, 6-disc in dash w/ 9006 System (8in. Subwoofer)
◦ Recaro leather front seats
◦ Power sunroof
◦ HID headlights (please note, original headlights are not on this car)
◦ Exclusive color: Screaming Yellow
• Winter package
◦ Traction control
◦ Engine block heater
◦ Heated front seats

Extremely rare.
1 of 123. Screaming Yellow SVTs (2004 model year)
1 of 1978. Total 2004 SVTs (#329 officially)

Price: $3,000 (was asking $4k originally)
Current Mileage (as of 7/28/19): 208,387
VIN: 3FAHP39544R105053
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
No known accidents, clean history.
Clear Oklahoma title in hand.

[:)] See a lot of photos here: 2004 Ford Focus SVT EAP [:)]

To contact me: Lets just use private messages on the forum for now.

I’ve owned this car since April 2013, it had ~170k miles. It was our family daily driver until 2016 when we bought a new Focus ST. Since 2016 the SVT has been more of a weekend toy, fun car. It’s only been driven about 8,000 mi. over the last 3 years. We’ve driven about 40k miles total during our ownership. The mileage is high, but everything is in great shape. I would not hesitate to drive this car long distances, it has always been reliable. With that said, please keep in mind, I personally would not recommend this car as your first car or only car. It is super clean but it’s also 15 years old and has over 200k miles. Things will randomly break, maintenance must be kept up. This car is best suited for enthusiasts who can solve problems and do their own work, true focus fanatics.

We’re including a lot of valuable extras with the car and this price was determined by looking at fair market value according to online valuation tools. Which means it’s probably undervalued considering all the work/mods, known history, extras, etc. but its fair and priced to sell quick. (I personally have about $10k into this car)

Will not take deposits to hold the car, the first person to show up with cash gets it.

Below you’ll find lists of all the notable maintenance and modifications. I think you’ll see that during our ownership we’ve treated this car nicer than most people treat their expensive luxury cars or sports cars.

Recent Important/Major maintenance:


April 2013
New clutch, flywheel, and throw-out bearing. LuK OE clutch kit. Installed by previous owner just before I bought the car.

New OEM Ford header (ordered the last one CFM had)! The header that came on the car was scraped and dented on the bottom from years of use. New shifter bushing, adjusted shifter cables.

New timing belt (tensioner and idler pulleys), water pump (and housing gasket), front coolant hose, 180 deg thermostat and CFM housing, Accessory belt (tensioner and idler), spark plugs (NGK iridium ix), new oem coolant tank, new passenger and driver motor mounts. Zerex G05 coolant. Fresh power steering fluid.

New re-furb axles w/ nuts (from O’reilly Auto Parts), new Ford axle seals. Filled transmission with OE Ford Manual transmission fluid

New front Centric rotors, Hawk pads

Front O2 sensor, fuel filter, coil pack, plug wires, red powder coat valve cover (new seals)

New Tires. Yokohama AVID Envigor 215/45R-17

New OEM SVT shocks

Full Paint correction

New battery. Duralast Gold Battery 96RS-DLG

New front tires Yokohama AVID Envigor

New tie rod ends + alignment at Ford Dealer

New PCV hoses, valve, rubber grommet, oil separator and gasket. Removed oil pan, painted, installed new gasket (Permatex Ultra Black RTV)

Changed brake fluid, installed Russell speed bleeder valves on all calipers

Fix AC at Ford dealer, installed new lines on compressor, recharged system.

Prothane rear sway bushings

Installed Moog (greasable) front swaybar end links

Most recent oil change. Royal Purple 5w30. Motorcraft FL400s.

New windshield (old one had a crack developing from rock chip). FUYAO brand, really nice OEM quality glass.

Misc notes:

The motor is strong, feels very smooth and revs happily. It burns very little oil, especially for this many miles, and only when you drive it harder (when Zetec engages). I just keep an eye on the oil level every few months to be safe, and it’s never been below half full mark on the dipstick. No blue smoke or anything from the exhaust.

The Getrag transmission shifts smooth, no notchiness or bad syncros. It feels great, just like new.

The car still has the OEM spare wheel/tire, jack, and tire iron. It also has an OEM cargo cover and cargo net.

Since we’ve owned it, we try to only use 100% gas 91 octane. Very rarely did we have to use e10 but it has always been 91 or 93 octane.

Oil and filters: I’ve always used Royal Purple 5w30 and Motorcraft FL400s filter. OEM drain plug has rubber washer built into the plug.

I took a picture of the underside of the car so that you can see everything under there is nice and clean too. No major rust or other damage. As far as I know this car has always lived in the south, where we don’t have extreme winters.

• K&N drop-in air filter
• CFM hi-flow cat
• CFM 2 1/2in. Stainless flex pipe
• FSWERKS stealth catback exhaust system
• CFM polyurethane exhaust hangers
• Wrinkle red powder coated valve cover
• CFM revised thermostat housing
• CFM billet accessory tensioner pulley
• CFM polyurethane lower engine mount (dogbone)
• CFM billet DSI lever (not installed)

• FSWERKS front upper strut bar
• Centric high carbon front rotors
• Hawk HPS street brake pads
• Yokohama AVID ENVigor tires
• Prothane rear sway bushings

• Carbon fiber mirror caps (Mega Carbon UK)
• CFM billet shorty antenna
• ST170 european front upper grill
• Yellow fog lights
• DEPO black ST170 euro headlights (not installed)

• CFM adjustable short throw shifter
• 2015 Ford Mustang GT shift knob
• SRPracing aluminum pedals

Known Issues:
Note, everything listed here is very minor. There are currently no major issues with the car.

• Rear bumper is starting to fade on the top, clear coat is basically gone. It’s been this way since I bought the car. I’ve managed to keep it from getting worse by constantly keeping paint sealant and wax on it.
• Front bumper / hood have rock chips.
• Front bumper has holes drilled through it where front plate was mounted. This car came from Texas where they required front plates. To cover up the holes I installed the euro front plate frame. Euro plate frame will remain on the car when I sell it (but I am keeping the plate for memories)
• Front driver side fender near headlight has some chipped paint, not perfectly straight. I think this is why the OEM headlights were not on this car when I bought it. Looks like the previous owner might have damaged the original headlight and slightly messed up this fender near the light.
• The currently installed aftermarket headlights do not align very well, they’re pointed pretty low (so I drive around with the highbeams on all the time).
• There’s a dent on the passenger side, rear quarter panel. It’s actually very hard to notice even in person. Previous owner said a shopping cart did it.
• Sunroof does not currently move, the plastic track is broken. This has also been this way since I bought it, never looked into what it needs to be fixed.
• Radio volume knob is sometimes glitchy. It’s like some contacts are dirty. I have just been using the steering column controls.
• One of the plastic mounts for the cruise control cables is cracked.
• Passenger side seat heat button doesn’t work correctly, it will stay on constantly, so it’s unplugged. Note, the heated seat is fine, I tested by plugging in the driver side button and it turns on and off. Just the button is broken.
• Even though the shocks are fairly new, big bumps and pot holes can feel pretty harsh. I think the actual springs might be worn out after 200k miles.
• There are some paint chips on the wheels, no curb rash though!
• Front seats show signs of wear, more on the driver side. Both seats have a few small tears starting to happen at the seams.
• Rear cargo cover has a missing leg on the left side (the hinge point). This doesn’t affect the movement of the cargo cover, but because it is loose, sometimes it can vibrate against the rear hatch interior panel.

Extras included with sale:
• Brand new in the box, DEPO black housing ST170 euro headlights. Still in plastic shrink wrap. I have not installed yet because the headlights did not come with blinker pods. Those will need to be found and ordered before you can install.
• VW wiring harness for euro headlights (yes this is the legit $100 setup from a VW dealer)
• Original owners manual, with SVT zipper cover. Includes all the extra mini-manuals and insert cards. (Including the cute Blues Clues safety card)
• Genuine Ford Shop manual (2004 Focus)
• Genuine Ford SVT certificate for this car #329 (framed)
• Additional Ford papers that came with the certificate (thank you letter, 2004 production numbers, vin decoder)
• Timing belt alignment tools
• Spare FELPRO valve cover seals
• Spare K&N air filter (I would clean this one while the other is in use and rotate them out, so you never have to wait for the filter to dry after cleaning)
• Russell Speed Bleeder bag
• Spare water pump bolts
• Extra coolant (Zerex G-05)
• Genuine Ford touchup paint
• Misc. oem parts (coil pack and plug wires, factory svt brake pedal cover, mirror cap, rubber exhaust hangers, US front grill blinker pods)

Please give this car a good home.


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Dang that's nice! Wish I lived several thousand miles closer. It would have a great home in my stable. Have a 04 ZX3 with much work, and a 00 SE that's good runabout car. Hoping it does go to a good home.

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Bump. Still for sale.

Might start advertising it locally, this is the only place it's been listed so far. Really hoping it goes to another enthusiast. [cheers]

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Major price drop (-$1k) to get some people's attention! This car needs a good home.

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I'm sort of interested in this? Problem is I can't buy it at the moment, although if it's still available in a few months I'll be far more interested in it.

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Car is sold. New owner picked it up today. I'm leaving all the info including price in the first post for future reference. Thanks everyone.
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