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Hello! Just joined today!

A little over a year ago (Oct. 2005) I bought a used 2004 Ford Focus sedan, automatic transmission. It currently has just a little over 26,000 miles on it. About two weeks go I noticed it was idling a little rough when it was in drive (like at red lights or waiting to cross traffic). It was just a little *burp* but last week it seemed to be getting worse - as if it felt like it would stall, enough that I was shifting it into neutral whenever I was at a red light. I made an appointment for it at the local repair shop for this coming Tuesday. Today it seemed MUCH worse and the Check Engine Light came on.

In reading through the forums here I've seen a lot of mention about the DPFE sensor being bad. It sounds like the same problem as my car is experiencing. However, everything that I have read here has mentioned the
'02. So is it possible that it could be the same problem in an '04? Or is it a totally different problem that just sounds the same?

Also, what are the odds that this car will get me back and forth to work on Monday? (A total of 8 miles round trip.) Right now I'm nervous about driving it. It doesn't have a lot of miles on it and I really wasn't expecting any problems so soon. Also, does it sound as though it would be expensive to fix?

Thanks for any and all help and advice! This is my first Ford.
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