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2004 Focus Mk1 Edge (Zetec) - Shifter cable question

Hi guys,

Tried searching through the site but couldn't find anything about this specific question. Any help would obviously be massively appreciated.

This is my first car (I'm 27 but have never needed one before) and I don't think I could have chosen a better one. Only problem is that the gearbox seems to be a bit out of alignment somehow. 3rd and 4th are both fairly left of the centre (I'm pretty sure it's universal for them to be straight up and down if you're assuming the stick is at rest in neutral, right?) meaning 1st and 2nd are waaay over to the left. If I try to get from 5th to 3rd it almost always just won't go without a midway wiggle so I've gotten used to quickly stabbing it into 2nd first and then heading up to 3rd, but even after just one week it's starting to get tedious.

It's not like the car isn't still totally functional so I'd say this counts as an 'affectation' or 'charming character' or whatever, but I'd ideally like to sort it as the car's otherwise immaculate in every way. Plus if anyone else drives it they're going to have a hard time.

I had a friend go through the gears for me while I looked under the bonnet at the shifter cable and it looks as if something's loose. Obviously I can come back with a photo if this sounds ambiguous, but there looks to be a barrel attached to the bottom of the cable which is kind of pumping in and out of a hole in whatever the cable's feeding into. This barrel goes in and comes out of the hole but seems to miss a lot and have trouble working out what it's doing.

Is it supposed to be coming out of the hole at all? And if so, is it supposed to be able to do it without missing or jiggling around? Could the problem be that the shifter cable is a bit slack? I'm assuming I'm on the right track but I actually have no idea! I'm happy to have a go at improvising a fix if someone can confidently tell me what the problem is.

Many thanks to anyone who's taken the time to read this,
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