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I will get right to it. I am a good mechanic, engine builder actually.

so my kid has a 2.0 04 focus only 90,000 miles, and he smoked his clutch.
ok no problem, we pulled the trans, and the engine was leaking oil out of the rear main
and it smoked the engine side of the clutch because of the oil. So I ordered a new clutch kit from
Amazon and a rear main seal. Fast shipping. I checked and made sure the spline count was the same
and it bolted in easy, when I had the alignment tool in the clutch and bolted pressure plate down I could tell
the pressure plate is holding the clutch well. flywheel side of clutch is on flywheel side, flywheel is a dual mass,
and I checked and made sure the flywheel is working correctly as well. Bolted it all up, and when you put it in gear
it wont move. Goes into gear with or without the clutch pedal depressed. Yes the axles are in all the way. Come to
find out, after the 4? month of 2004 they changed the clutch design. does anyone know what they changed 2004?
far as I am concerned it should still move, as I am almost positive the clutch has enough pressure on it to hold it.
I know on thing, I wont hit the buy it now button on amazon so fast. even tho it said it would work on my sons car.
Long story short, tomorrow I will pull the trans again.

something I learned, use a small block chevy pushrod [with a wedge type chisel tapped in-between dr side halfshaft and trans}
put pushrod into diff and tap out the stubborn halfshaft in 30sec with the pushrod
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