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2003 ZX5 engine shutting down - going nuts please help

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I own a 2003 ZX5 with standard transmission. When I am driving, I can feel the engine start to lose pressure, then all the lights on the dash come on, and final the engine dies. The best part is that it wont restart unless you lower the transmission slightly (with a jake), start it, put the transmission back in place.

This will normally take care of the issue for a few hundred miles.

I have had the issue checked by mechanic, two ford dealerships, and electrical specialist mechanic. No one can find the source of the issue. There are no engine codes.

I believe the reason no one can find the issue is that when I get the car taken to their shops by a tow truck. As soon as the car is off loaded it starts normally. At $70 per tow this is getting to be a pain.

The best guess is that it is either the wiring harness or the ECM. Before I invest in either I would like to know that one of these will solve the issue.

Anyone else have this problem? Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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i have a problem similar to this... randomly... my car will just start to sputter (misfiring???) and die...a/f gauge goes to 16... i turn it off then start it again and its fine... sometimes it dies again within 30 seconds...sometimes its good for a week or two...i've had it towed to the shop twice both times they couldnt get it to do it...they said it could be my tach wiring, the ecu or some other wire problem... if neone has any ideas that would be great...ive tried testing if its the way i drive and i dont think it has anything to do w/it because it has died while driving like granny and while getting on it, on highway, off highway, after driving for 3-4 hours strait...after driving for 15 its pretty much completely random when it happens...sometimes it wont completely die when its start to sputter if i push the clutch in and let it roll for a little sometimes it will just got back to normal, a/f reading goes back to normal and the car rides fine again...this has been goin on for months and is quite annoying
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