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Okay so i have an 03 zx3, mtx75 with traction control and abs. I have all my lights on my dash (brake abs traction cont.) I had some ground issues and I got those straightened up. now I'm getting a general abs fault. through research i've concluded that my module is most likely bad. I have no brake problems. the car runs perfect! the three lights drive me bonkers though.

So here is my question. I have been told (on this site) that traction control on a gen 1 zx3 isn't very common. so would an svt abs module work on my car? two would I be able to use a non traction control unit. I hate abs and traction control. I don't need a computer to help me drive.

Honestly I'd like to just fix it the right way. I' just don't want to spend much on a used module.

If anyone has a used module for a traction control equipped vehicle I'd be interested
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