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Hi guys. I have a real rust bucket in New England. I had to replace absolutely EVERYTHING in the brake system except booster and ABS module. I bench bled the new master cylinder as best I could and installed it. FOUR hours of bleeding and I still have a soft pedal. Here's the catch:

When I try to bleed front drivers and rear passenger sides almost nothing comes out. Just a TINY trickle of fluid and no air I can see and no foam. All connections are as tight as I dare get them without stripping threads.

I bought a descent scan tool off Amazon which cycles the ABS for an ABS bleed but that does nothing to change the situation.

So I'm thinking either I didn't properly bleed the master or the ABS is plugged on that input or the ABS failed. The previous owner had a catastrophic brake failure and pedal went to the floor. New master helped with pedal stiffness. I'm wondering if pedal to the floor sheared off o-ring from old master and is plugging the ABS?

Also my bench bleed felt kinda kludgey. There's no way to do it the old fashioned way so I improvised. I hooked a fuel line repair to the master reservoir and connected that to my MOTIVE pressure bleeder. I then brought this contraption into the bath tub and manually cyled the cylinder back and forth. Fluid came out under pressure with each piston stroke. Did I do that wrong or is there a sure fire way to bench bleed this?

I have a job offer pending getting this thing back on the road so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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