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This design is terrible. The OEM Lever is as strong as hard candle wax. The metal joint to which the lever attaches is weaker than a cheap butter knife. The skirt that protects the mechanism is VERY difficult to replace after you remove it.


Hints for installing -

Buy directly from ford - The part as of the date of this post is 8 bucks a piece. Third party parts, unless designed to be stronger than OEM may not fit properly causing a huge headache.

DO NOT FORCE ANYTHING! The lever will break with the slightest over bearing push.

Before installing lever, be sure to clean the metal joint. The old lever may leave small plastic (more like wax) pieces in the joint. This will cause the new lever to not fit properly. CLEAN! CLEAN! CLEAN!

You may notice the metal joint will be bent due to years of use with old lever. If this is the case, BE CAREFUL when bending it. IT WILL BREAK! It is made from porous aluminum and is WEAK!

You may need to use a pair of pliers to turn the joint. What I learned from my experience is that by not using it for so long, the joint some how locked out of line and needed to be moved to reset. I know that may not make sense, but you may need to move the joint once to loosen up dirt that may have collected while you were waiting for your part to arrive in the mail.

When installing this part, DO NOT be impatient. You may even want to just take it in for a professional FROM FORD to install this part. Other wise, you may be looking at having to buy a whole new seat because you broke the crappy weak parts. Trust me, be safe.

This is all from my experience. I will be buying new seats because I didn't know any of this. FML! JUST BE CAREFUL!!! What seems like a quick easy install never is when dealing with this generation of ford.

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