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Currently, not quite sure who’s still active in these threads in this obscure part of the forums but here’s my dump. If anybody had any concerns they would like to reply with or if you have any suggestions they are always welcome.

I’ve had this 2003 Ford Focus SE 2.0L SPI for a while now and after getting to know it and letting the potential boil inside me I’ve decided to take on the action plan of taking my 110 hp sedan to 210-250 hp with a dump of money. It’s an automatic, which I’d prefer a manual but an auto will do so I plan on having a shift kit installed and an auto tends to benefit more from the SCT tune I want to put on the car. By the end of my project, this is what I have planned. Exterior and interior. **this is subject to change as I see fit so bear with me lol

Engine Bay: *Starting with intake and ending with exhaust*
K&N CAI (or whichever one works best for my car)
Y pipe it to my Turbo
60mm billet style TB (if anyone knows where to find those it would be a life saver I know FC used to sell them before they went out of business)
Forged pistons
Rebuilt head (I know someone was thinking about the valve seat issue, so put it to rest)
91-96 Escort LX header
Garret Turbo (specs unknown atm, some help in that area always helps)
Magnaflow High Flow Cat back exhaust system (single pipe)

*SCT tune will be installed after the fact along with a Dyno Tune

Exterior: *probably first on the agenda
Neon Orange Base coat
Already have the LED projector headlights
Bumper Kit (Poison Duraflex)
Side Skirts
3M carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap on the hood
Stock Style Spoiler
Possibly a Bumper Kit
Multicolor Exhaust tip for the extra 5+ hp xD
Vinyl Wrapped Trim on the side length of the car

***Any recommendations for suspension parts goes a long way, otherwise it’s possibly an eBay purchase. Adjustable Caster/Camber plates as well

Refinished Dashboard with select Orange trim
Rewrapped Shift console
Trim refurbish and repaint on the interior door panels
Aftermarket radio ;D
LED rope to fit in the trim lines on the doors
Seat covers
Colored aftermarket floor mats
Seat belt covers for extra street cred to pull all the ladies xD
*And by ladies, I mean my fiancé. Only she gets to drive it;)

All will take a long process of saving and pinching pennies to make it work.

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How’s this going?

The consensus is the SPI isn’t worth the effort. That said, I’ve talked to a few mechanics locally who say if you keep them serviced they’re a decent engine for what it is.

I’m not sure what to think, but I’d love to hear what you’ve done and how it’s working out.
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