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For Sale by jkirkerx
Listed on 01/24/2017
Huntington Beach CA

ZX5 Stock suspension system
90K miles on the components
The parts are in good shape, no rust, ready to bolt on
Perfect for one who is returning their car back to stock for selling or who wants to just flip a car real quick.
Will trade for SVT parts except suspension what I listed here.
Feel free to make an offer.
You pay the shipping, items are boxed and ready to ship

ZX5 Stock Suspension System with sway bar
I replaced the stock suspension last Sept 2016, these have 92K on them, but no leaks and they seem fine to me. Just city driving on smooth streets.
Thinking $100

ZX5 stock brakes - Front and Rear
90K on them; upgraded to SVT brakes.
The rears have new Motocraft brake shoes; Original Bearings and ABS tone ring. I would of rebuilt the cylinders but not sure if anyone will buy them. I cleaned them up and used Motorcraft brake grease on them.
Thinking $140

Rear Passenger Side Drum Assembly

Read Passenger Side Drum Brake Assembly

Rear Drivers Side Drum Assembly

Rear Drivers Side Drum Brake Assembly

Both Sides Front

ZX5 Stock Front Brakes
On the fronts, I just cleaned up the parts. The calipers are stock and not rebuilt, I would of rebulit them but not sure if anyone will buy them.
The brake pads are Akebono ProAct Ceramics and the Rotors are R1Concepts Premium slotted rotor; in which I really like the recipe for smooth hard stopping, no grabbing.

They have 2K or less miles on them; installed in July 2016.
Thinking $200.00

Hub 159 without bearings, with circlips and seals
Extra part from my SVT brake upgrade.
Thinking $20

ZX5 Front Rotors - Drilled and Slotted
These are R1 Concepts eLine Rotors. They have about 25K miles on them and are not warped or have ceramic metal alterations to them. They were ran with Hawk Ceramic pads. They can be turned and used again. I actually like these, but the holes caused the rotor to run too cool for me and they took too long to heat up for max stopping power.
Thinking $25.00

w/ my magic bag
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Yes it is. Just PM me, I haven' t got the PM yet if you did, but got Pasta's reply.

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oh THAT BITES.....

Thank you Mod whoever you are for restricting and breaking my search when you removed my ability to edit my sig..

i was searching for rear drum parts and found NOTHING and here is the entire drum assemblies I FU&$ING NEEDED A FEW WEEK'S AGO when both my rear cylinders started POURING brake fluid all over my DRIVEWAY!!!

stupid communist business tactics by some mods accusing private sellers of being a business with no proof then breaking and hindering their ability to use the forums properly

i also have no f&#^ing clue why i keep returning to help others here when most of us regulars get f^$k all for respect from most of you mods... after the forums got bought out by the crappy autofail mag and ford buying it and trying to be good having a rep then dropping us like a sack of s$*t when things heated up with complaints i really have no idea why i waste my time.. but in retrospect i enjoy helping others i dont mind helping others find their issues and finding out they have their cars back and knowing they are happy to HAVE it back and appreciate our help.. maybe you mods should see this and lighten up and stop hanging the regulars for trying to help and making us all leave for other forums. as i have no issues going back to the other forums i request. i guess its the satisfaction of having other focus owners be happy... to those mods.. dont quit your dayjob as you fail miserably here
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