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I hate to do it, but I have to sell this. Has roughly 120k miles. I haven't had it very long but life calls for other things.

the good:
Clean interior, all the power items function, A/C isn't ice cold but it does work. Engine is strong, transmission shifts great.

what it needs: a wheel or axle bearing on the front passenger side is loud when driving, and you can feel the vibrating especially at hwy speed, that will need to be done sooner than later anyway to enjoy the car. not sure why, but if you hit a good size bump, you feel it hard in the passengerside front. strut mount? ball joint? 2 used tires are included (correct size with good tread) to replace the worn front 2 tires. It has the IMRC CEL codes that I havent been able to resolve, hence the emissions rejection sticker (MA). Could use a detail(hey, it's a black car!), and the pin striping is only on one side. Also, more recently, the brake pedal feels a little weird sometimes. there is a grinding groaning noise coming from front. would not take on highway but you can drive down the street to see what it is like. brake? cv? hub? bearing? i have no idea. Not quite sure why. this is a great cheap project DD for someone more capable than me.

I am sure I am forgetting something but please ask any questions. Car is in Cape Cod, MA.

asking $2500 firm

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