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Hello, I am trying to fix a window regulator (or rather replace) on a 2002 ZX5. The rear driver side has let go.

I personally own a convertible, so I have to replace regulators all the time so I'm pretty good at it. After fixing her dpfe sensor pretty easily, I went on to fix the simple task of her regulator assembly.... and I ran into a multitude of problems. Firstly I couldn't manage to unplug the speaker, the black tar of death was equally impressive on this car.

But the worst problem of all is I could not for the life of me take the window off the regulator. I got every screw and nut off.... but couldnt get the assembly out.

What is the method here? I would kill for some pictures / video instructions. I'm guessing it has something to do with the white clip and I didn't want to put too much pressure on a window.

Any assistance would be very kind.

It's actually a ZX5, I doubt there is any difference though.
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