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Greetings all. I'm listing my 2002 ZX3 with a little over 200K. It's all black except for a green hood. I replaced the rusted out one. Overall the car is in good condition. Sun roof, everything works except for the A/C and Fan switch only works on high. I also have a spare engine with 100K on it and water pump and all associated parts changed at 85K. It runs good, the transmission shifts often, and I read in a post about a solenoid in the transmission needing changed. I've put a lot of new parts in it, ignition wires, plugs, valve cover gasket, most of cooling system hoses, expansion tank, rear wheel cylinders, Catalytic converter. battery.
I did a compression test on it when it was "given" to me and had compression between 190-200 with oil squirt, and 165 on #3 but that was 3K ago after car sat for almost 1 year. You can see my posts on my "page" Not trying to hide anything...
Its loud so probably still needs a muffler. It passed the emissions test in Illinois. Located outside Chicago in Bolingbrook.
Looking for 1200.00 for all. Basically what I have in it all.
Thanks for reading!
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