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2002 Zetec Cooling Fan Resistor (Need help)

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I have replaced the cooling fan resistor 3 times since I have owned this car (160k miles) and it melted once again. My issue this time is that I had to cut so deep to find clean wire to splice, that it is now too short to splice without cutting into the joint where it crosses with the fan motor wires. I am talking about where the wire meets with the other wires that are protected by the black plastic shield, assuming to protect the wires from the cat heat. I am trying not to cut too much as i don't want to damage the other wires and the wire protector. I could easily just order another resistor kit, but I still cannot splice the wires with them being so short and deep into the engine bay. Anyone else been in this situation? Maybe I need to just get it towed. What about a bypass to keep the fan going, so I can at least get it to a shop?
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Hard to tell from your description, but it sounds like the "good" wire is in the loom--corrugated plastic tubing designed to protect wire harnesses from becoming entangled or chafed. Feel free to open the loom--it should have a split in it lengthwise.

If it's black tape that you are encountering, remove it to expose the wiring. You can always use electrical or cloth tape--the kind hockey players use--to re-wrap the harness.

Try to take a pic of what you are encountering, and post it...
Thank you for the reply! I couldn’t think of a good explanation of that part, but you’re spot on with it. The wires that are within the corrugated tubing are exactly what I’m talking about. Hopefully the weather will be clear this weekend, so I can get out there and get it done. Thank you! So the two green wires (with the blue and white or orange stripe?) I can’t remember which color the other one is, but I know one has a blue stripe. Anyway, I cut those way too short. And with it being a tight space, I just can’t splice them successfully, so I’ll have to just cut the corrugated tubing and work with that, then wrap it back up! If that fails, I may check the scrapyard for some replacements. Maybe it’s a whole harness that I can just plug n play, and splice the new resistor on to that. There’s always plenty of MK1’s at the local spot.
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