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So my buddy has to get rid of his car and I am short on space so I plan to buy his 02 svt and freshen it up to sell. Just trying to get a rough value for the car.

Id keep it if I could. Would be neat to have a 2016 and a 2002 Focus

Focus svt
178 k
body: fair
one owner
stock and untinkered with
runs fine , new battery

Again not looking to sell here just discuss value as ive never had an svt




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No idea what they are going for. But I can give you two reference points... in 2013 I bought a '04 3dr SVT EAP with ~91K miles, a flawless body and interior, audio system, and a complete one-owner maintenance record for $6200 (that was a real good deal at the time, other comparable cars in a 4-state area around here were selling for ~$2K more).

Over the 3 years I drove it (street and track), I put in about $4K in improvements (exhaust, powder coated header/flex/ORP, 2nd set of forged lightweight TD wheels, RS wing <not installed>, better brakes, springs, adjustable dampers, adjustable rear sus links, poly, Bostig thermostat-housing, flow-matched injectors, SCT tuner & tune) and almost $3K in repairs (leaky slave cylinder led to a whole clutch replace, refresh shift linkage/bushings, VCT solenoid, pass-shaft carrier bearing, extra set knuckles, fresh fr control arms, improved grounds, mounts, more) and sold it in 2016 with 157K miles for $6200 (including the spare and take-off parts).

I put in more than I paid for it, but if it was a new car it would have depreciated by more dollars, but around the amount I put into it in percentage, so... they hold their value pretty good if you keep them up.
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