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I will be selling my wonderful SVT in the coming months to a friend or just giving to a family member to trade in. I am not sure of what a good price to charge for my car is though. It is old and and needs work, but it also is somewhat rare. I just want to make sure I am charging an appropriate amount of money for my car.

Below are the things wrong with my care :(

Check Engine light - one of the cylinder has a pressure problem. About 2 years ago the timing belt broke and I had to get the head rebuilt and I was able to put it all back together, but the check engine light will not go away.

paint is fading

clutch probably needs to be changed

brakes probably need to be changed

tires are "ok"

Brake booster is not working. It works fine after you pump the brakes for about 1 min.

I am not sure with all these problems if I could get much for it, just wanted to ask here before I sold it.

ty :)
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