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I am posting this to see what i can get for my unmodified 02 SVTF with 112,xxx Miles. Located in NYC. Bought with the intentions for a track car but plans changed and is currently being used as my daily. I just bought a house so i am looking to use the money for potential renovations/projects. I don't have to sell since insurance is super cheap and is great fun daily (way better mpg than my pickup) BUT i am willing to let it go for the right price.

Title is clean, clear, in my name ready to sign.

Exterior: Small scratches and imperfections here and there due to age and NYC parking
Headlights starting to get foggy
Interior: Small hole in driver seat. Everything else is in great condition.

Mechanical: The car runs perfect with no lights, no issues.

New Parts(<2000 miles):
Motorcraft Ignition Coil
Plugs SP-463(gapped .60)
All filters (Fuel, Air, cabin)
Fluids (Motor and Trans)
Valve cover gasket
Motorcraft Knock sensor
Motorcraft Crankshaft Position sensor
Motorcraft 02 sensors
Rotors (Non slotted/ non drilled since its my daily) and Pads
Motor and trans mount
Front sway bar end links
thermostat housing
Tires (Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S)
Drive side window regulator
(Timing belt done by previous owner. Did a visual inspection and belt looks new)

Will include (Uninstalled) :
4G Wires (For the Big 3 Upgrade)
Left and right control arms
Moog Ball joints
Thermal paste (for IMRC)
Copper Shift bushing (replaces the square rubber bushing)(might install soon)
Extra Motorcraft Oil and filter
Extra Motorcraft xtm5qs Trans fluid

Things inspected:
IMRC and DSI Clip
VCT Solenoid
Shift cables
Cleaned MAF, Throttle Body

Currently at work. I will post more photos tomorrow.
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