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Hello Folks,
Im having an issue with my SE, I have a rough idle I cannot get rid of.
It doesnt seem to be in a cycle, and seems to get worse with AC on.
By cycle i mean it is not every 3 seconds, it may be real rough for a moment and then not for a minte or so.
It has days worse than others where it will stall after stopping at a red light
or stopping in a parking stop. Sometimes I can go for a few days without incident but I need to resolve before winter.

I have already replaced a few items: Alternator, fuel filter, Spark plugs, Idle Air valve, low pressure switch on AC.

I have read on forums that these are all possible causes. At this point im just hanging parts and spending money. I also have a code scanner and the computer is not finding any codes left by the error. I do not have a check engine light on at any time, except when the car stalls. I have read that a bad ignition coil can cause my problem, but its $100. So i cant by that for a guessing game.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Pull the plugs and play with gaps. Try to stay with in a few thousandths of the stock recommendation but open it up as far as you can with out noticing a degradation in performance. The reason for this is to expose as much of the spark kernel to the air/fuel mixture as possible to aid in complete combustion.
Generally in a good running engine a little buck at idle will be either fuel pressure related (most commonly low) or spark related (weak).

Personally I've had decent luck with indexing my spark plugs. That is where you try to get the ground straps all facing the same way (the ground strap is the part of the plug you move to gap it). I mark the same side of all plugs and install them all. if my marks line up I'm good, if not I pull and swap until I am close.
Probably just a placebo but might be worth a shot.
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