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First off I have been watching you guys for a while but this is my first post so Hello!

My car is a 1.8TDDi(or is it Ci?) 2002 Mk1 Focus. I have only had it a few months but it has already cost me a new clutch/flywheel, and oil leak, a new steering rack and now has developed an electical problem.

She has been starting badly for a while now, which comes and goes. Sometimes she starts instantly, sometimes after 5 seconds of turning over. Doesnt seem to relate to tempertature. But i do find leaving the glow plugs for about 5 seconds after the light goes off is helpful.

More concerning however, is a few times now I have been driving home, at about 30, not doing anything fancy when the engine would cut out and the ignition light flash. It will then refuse to start for 10minutes, and then go back to being fine.

I have had the code read but its not storing anything so doesnt help.

Is anyone familar with mk1 electonics or have any ideas what to do?

Many thanks, Dave
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