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2002 Black SVT Focus 3dr - Chicago $1500 obo - SOLD


This SVT has some minor/medium issues that I don't have time to deal with. If I had a garage, I'd hang on to it and part it out, but I don't!

Contact: joehahn @
I can give you my ph# via email or pm
zip 60622

There's some rust, esp the hood, and misc dents/dings/scratches. It starts fine. 122k miles. I always took good care of the engine; full synthetic. The front end and engine mounts need some work and there is some clunkyness going on. Power steering leak. Brakes are pretty mushy. There's also a bullet ricochet dent you can see.

I'm getting another focus in about a week or so, and it will be ready to go once the plates are swapped.

Some items of note:
- HIDs (need some cleaning)
- 6006 Audiophile system
- filthy ST200 wheels
- Brand new alternator!
- SCT X2 I won't be needing anymore.

I also have an extra transmission I don't really know what to do with. I think it has about 125k miles on it. The shift mechanism has the same bug as many of the getrags where the bushing wears, breaks, then wears the groove and peg, making it difficult to get into reverse, so it will need some welding to fix and smooth things out. You can take it with.

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