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background info: my brother's 2000 ford focus (2.0L zetec) stalled out at his work. He said he was in a parking spot in neutral with the handbrake on (manual trans) and it just stalled out.. and wouldn't start back up. I did a pretty good tune like 10,000 miles ago or so
So I go check it out, I had a brand new optima red top in my garage so i took that and put it in,even tho the battery in there is just a few months old, just to eliminate the battery possiblity. Nope, still won't start. Checked the plugs, look fine. Wires have some corrosion inside of them.... but I wouldnt think this woudl be bad enough to cause a no start (wires were not replaced at tune up.)

Assumed maybe it was flooded, tried holding the gas and starting up, still won't go.

I'm thinkin maybe the starter, but what gets me is it stalled out while idling....The car tries real hard to start.. but just doesnt get there. I can hear the starter engage and disengage.

His work is a little drive and would have to get towed.. so it would be nice if i could just get it to start to drive home.

Any ideas on what to check next? I would appreciate any help!!
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