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For the last two weeks my temp gauge would start to go up after the car has warmed up. Does espeically during idle time like at a traffic light. Once I go back to speed it goes back to the middle. On the interstate it would go up even higher but again would back down once at lower speed and not stop.

What I have done:
-replaced the thermostat
-Had the coolant flushed(right before this started to happen)
-Gooddyear did pressure test and it was ok and could find nothing wrong with it or any other cooling related systems
also found if I throw the car in park the gauge either holds steady where ever its at or starts to go back down to the middle

I havnt been running the AC as much now, but when I do run it has no bearing on the gauge, it does the same wether on or off. I do hear the other fan kick on, but it only kicks on when its warmed up(a car noob and dunno if this is the way its supposed to work)

Any suggestions guys would be great, first timne poster long time lurker thanks guys!
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