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2001 SE - What's this wire?

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I just bought a 2001 SE and upon review after getting it home I'm giving it the once over. In this discovery I found a couple of wires which seem to "all alone" and may be desperate need to find their home (could explain various lights not working). Does anyone have an idea what these are and where they might go?

Description: A single blue wire in the driver side trunk and disappears under the rear seat. I suspect it goes to the wiring harness though I don't know where or what it's purpose is

Description: Under the dash near the break is a green connector attached to two green/yellow wires. The one wire looks like it attaches to the break pressure sensor (?). The other wire gets bundled with other wires and I'm unsure where it ends up. The breaks/break lights do work. The wires on the connector only has about 3 inches of movement and I didn't see any other dangling connectors which may connect into it.
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The wire in the trunk MAY be for an amplifier that a previous owner had installed but just didn't remove, have to look to see if there is a matching wire behind the radio.

For the plug that should be for the cruise control brake pedal position switch, if your car doesn't have cruise control then it may just be wired for it, if it does have cruise control then you should plug it in to a switch that will be right above the brake pedal.
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