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to start this off im NOT parting it, its cheap enough to buy the entire thing

2001 Ford Focus Wagon
Harvest Gold in color with Tan interior
Alot of work was put into it its in decent shape
Pics will be included

the bad
-Engine installed is possibly bad, I have another engine for it in my garage it WILL be included in the sale of this car
-Fuel Pump is Shot - I will include a working one
-Alternator is shot
-Rear Brake lines are shot and need to be replaced
-Front strut bearing/mounts (one of the nuts on each side sheared off)
-No Battery

to the Buyer if anyone takes it
I will help with loading of the items BUT the Buyer MUST have a vehicle capable of towing this either on a dolly trailer, or a car trailer this car CANNOT be driven.. also have the capability to carry the replacement engine.. its currently sitting on blocks (must have an engine hoist as mine was stolen in a break in)

located in Ontario Canada
Price $400 cdn
i'm pricing it cheap to find it a home right now i have moved it to storage im not going to send this car to the scrap heap it barely has any rust

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