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[Solved]2000LX engine will stalls on highway= Cracked coil pack

Here is my problem. I'm on the highway at about 55 MPH when the engine gives signs of stalling. I put the transmisison in neutral and pull on the side of the road. The engine is still running fine and it rev up when I press the gas pedal but when I try to get back on the road, I got no power and engine stalls. Looks to me like the transmission killed the engine.

It happens quite often when outside temperature is hot.

If I stop the engine, it restarts immediatly and every thing is back to normal. I can drive for 15 to 20 minutes before it stalls again. Each time, I can put it to neutral, stop the engine and restart it while driving.

It has an automatic transmission.

Any idea what is wrong with my car? Could the torque converter be in problem?
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