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Just installed a ported 2000 intake manifold.
Install was straight forward enough.
But now the FoFo isnt idling right, really,really,REALLY rough.
I used some rtv on both sides of TB gasket to insure no air was leaking in.
Still rough as all get out.
Bumped idle up to 950 rpm, from 900. Still rough as heck.
Seller said the iacv was working fine when it was on his car.

Only thing i can think of(not being a mechanic) is the gasket we used off my 01 im in the runner all the way to left(pass. side gasket was missing)
DIdnt seal??? The 01 gasket fit, it didnt fit exactly right so we used some gasket maker, and tightened it all down good and snug.

excal pulled code 1233
and KRAF4zc???? whatdo these mean?

Grateful for ANY help.

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yeah i might have to do just that.
Hopefully i can swap iacv while on the car.
I reset ecu- disconnected battery, let sit for 15 min.,then reconnected, and let idle for 5...still sporadic and rough and almost stalling out.

Also sprayed wd-40 around tb, intake connections(thinking one of the clamps was over-tightened) and various vacuum hoses.Didnt notice any change.
So the 1233 code is a fuel related code.
So i checked and all the injectors are in tight, and all connections are good-that i can see anyway.

Thanks for the suggestions tom and imnhell.

Anyone else ever have this problem after installing 00 im?

Anymore suggestions?
Still at a loss. And btw it does seem to pull a lil stronger[scratch]
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