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Okay where to start, my 2000 Ford Focus has been a nightmare this last month of owning it. I will bypass all of the other problems that it had so I can figure out my most immediate need.

Here’s what has been replaced in the car so far: alternator, fuel relay and fuse for the fuel pump, the gas cap, and the battery.

My car broke down the other day when I was at Sonic with my boyfriend. We tried to start it like 6 times and it just wouldn't go. We called a tow truck; he came by and went to go put the car in neutral. He starts the car, the first time and it starts right up. We get in the car amazed and drive it home.

The vehicle now will not start, sometimes if I let it sit awhile it will attempt to start (since all the lights come on and such) but it just refuses to roll over all the way.

Very shortly before all this I would have to disconnect the connector on the battery for about a minute or two, then reconnect it and start it. Giving it some gas right after I started the car was vital since it would putter out, as if it's getting no fuel.

Also the Fuel Cut Off Switch was poking up (meaning it was engaged) so we pushed it back down. Don't know if that helps at all.

To continue...after reading up on many of the forums and talking with people from auto marts, I’ve come up with a list of the possible problems.

(I don't know anything about cars, but I'm trying to learn so I can fix my car)

Possible Problems that may need to be replaced:
1) Green #30 fuse for the Ignition in slot 8
2) Cam Sensor
3) Ignition Coil (which I just bought a replacement for, but have not installed it yet.)
4) Fuel Relay (I have already replaced this, so it should be crossed off the list)
5) Fuel Cut off Switch

Please if anyone can help me I swear I'll get rid of this nightmare of a car and get a foreign car!
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