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PLACE: Nova Scotia, Canada
PRICE: If interested please make me an offer.
PIC: I will post pics if requested.

If there is anything I am missing please let me know.

Okay guys and girls I have updated the list of what is remaining. I do still have the carbon fiber hood but its a crazy amount to ship, at least that's what UPS has told me so I am not sure what to do.
So as far as the CF hood its on hold till I can figure something else out.

Also, I still cant believe nobody wants these Ksport arms!!!!! They are awesome looking.

These KSPORT camber and Toe Arms:
(I cant believe nobody wants these beauties)
I know what they are worth but I would really like anyone interested to give me a message:
PRICE:300 obo

I also have a set of rear SVT spindles to convert your drumd into disc brakes. I am not sure what these sell for now so if someone can lessage me to tell me what they are worth so I will have a better idea I would appreciate it. But serious inquires only OBO. Here are some pics. They do have some surface rust but nothing serious:

NOW!!! Here are the brand new silver SVT dial surround. At the time I had bought it it was supposed to be the last one and very hard to get but apparently they are not worth anything anymore, at least that's what I am being told. I am more than happy to get some messages with the actual costs. Thanks so much.
(THE THREE SILVER BILLET KNOBS ARE SOLD SEPERATLY) And aslo for sale so please OBO on those as well.

Then there is the MASSIVE purple Zetec oil cap for OBO. Awesome looking with the massive purple:

I still have my euro front bumper and my evo 5 front bumper as well. Here are both of them:

Plus I have a rear stock spoiler for a 2005-2007 focus sedan as well:
$50.00US dollars OBO

And last but certainly not least I have a drivers side three guage pod that goes on the front window pillar `BUT`I also have a three guage pod for the passeneger side of the front pillar but the windshield as well. I had bout it in the UK.
So if you are interested in any of these please OBO.

I want to thank everyone for still being as kind as you have been in the past and checking out what I have for sale. It does need to sell but I need reasonable prices for them.

OH YEAH!!!!! I have a full set of autometer gauges as well brand new.

Thanks again. PLEASE email me with any questions. Take care!!!

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I can't find any information on the Ksport camber arms. Do you have pictures and/or a link to where I can find information for these?

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the euro hood lock do you have a key with it?

if so how much shipped to 62702?

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Okay Im going to try this again. :

Here is a picture of the euro dash and the clock and hazard buttons as well as all of the wires. \everything is in great shape. I am assuming its a very hard piece to get so highest offer gets it. OBO

Here ya go KDogg a blast from the past. Here is a Massive purple oitl cap for the zetec. Please make me an offer. OBO

Now this silver surround was bought from one of your supporters and its mint and just like new. The aluminum dials are sold seperatly. OBO

Now these parts are brand new but do have a little surface rust. They are conversion rear spindles to take the drums off and give that focus SVT stopping power. OBO

Now this is a bumper that I absoulute love but hate to sell it. It came across the pond from the awesome guys in the UK and its the best looking bumber I have ever seen. but here it is: Once again OBO of course.

Now these two pieces were made for me and I am not really sure what to call them but they are rear linkage bars and have the hole so you can still have the rear sway bar attached, Please help me with a better description.

Here is pics of the most popular Evo 5 front bumper. These bumpers were one of the greatest I think. You ut a six inche color changing ring around it it looks amazing.

Not sure who made these at the time but I know there wasn't many around but here they are. These are actually tubular a arms for the front of the focus. OBO

I believe this is the HTP front strut brace:

HEre is the evo 5 front with my beautiful CF hood behide it. Its aweoisme. Best offer please

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There are so many other parts like a rear trunck spoiler (Factory-its low) that is for the 2005-2007 plus I have one more rear roof spoiler left.

I do believe I also have another spi throttle body as well but that's something else I need to find.

Okay guys and girls you NEED to check these out and look at the quality of these.:

Now please keep in mind the cost of these. Please check out LSD billet door hinges, OBO

I also have a turbo manifold for the zetec. OBO

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I also have rear conversion for disc brakes as well. They are just the hubs from ford for SVT focus. They do have a little surface rust but brand new. Shoot me a price OBO

Please remember guys its been years, and I mean years since I have been on here and I am not sure what things are selling for anymore. Heck I am a grandfather now for petes sake.

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I am not sure if I mentioned it but I also have a stock spoiler for a2005 focus sedan and I also have a rear roof spoiler for the 05 sedan model. Very nice.
The truck spoiler is not painted but the roof spoiler is blue.
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