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Ill start off by saying the other how to (2002-2005) WILL NOT WORK. Also i didnt take pix but didnt really think it was necessary. Here we go this is my first so i hope its good lol.

2000-2001 euro spec taillight wiring guide:

*You wont have to tap into the wiring on the outside of the car, it will be done in the hatch.

Wire cutter
Wire stripper
Butt connectors
Copper wire(14-18 gauge)*i used 16
Radio removal tool
7mm socket
One(1) roll of electrical tape

Step 1.

a)Take out your radio.
b)Remove the four(4) small bolts holding on the radio bezel. after those are out place then in the cup holder(as no to lose them)
c)Pull off the bezel(there are 2 clips so dont be scared pull)

Step 2.

a)Unplug the hazard switch and peel back some of the insulation.
b)Locate the GREEN/RED wire (in the center row)
c)Now cut the green/red wire 2-4 inches away from the harness(in case you need to return to stock you have room to reconnect the wires)
d)Connect a butt connector to the car side of the green/red wire
e)Connect a length of wire to the other end of the butt connector and run this wire to the hatch.
f) Plug in the hazard switch harness and reinstall the bezel and radio

* I ran mine alongside my amp wires(under the trim at the bottom of the door and so on.
*So now you have separated the brake signal. As you may notice you have no brake lights except the top light.

Step 3.
(in the hatch on the left side)

a)Remove anything in the hatch.
b)Remove four(4) screws holding on the trim(with the light and seat belt in it)
c)Remove the carpeting.

Step 4.

a)Locate two(2) harnesses back here there will be one(1)gray and one(1)blue we will ONLY be using the blue one.
b)Take the wire you ran to the rear and splice two(2) wires onto it.
c)Now cut the turn signal wires(blue and blue/red) a few inches away from the harness (on the tail light side of the harness)
d)Now use butt connectors to connect the brake wire you spliced into two(2) and connect one wire to the blue wire(tail light side) and the other wire to the blue/red wire(also tail light side)
*You now have brake lights(put the key in the ignition turn it on and test them out)

Step 5.

a)Locate were the stock wires split (left and right sides) you will be working with the two(2) sides
b)Cut the factory black tape giving yourself about 5-6 inches to work
c)Locate the green/black wire(on the left group of wires) now cut it
d)Connect the the green/black wire to the blue wire coming from the harness(you cut it in step 4 c)
e)Locate the green/orange wire going to the right tail light and cut it
f)Connect the green orange wire to the blue/red wire coming from the harness(you cut in step 4 c)

*You will need some extra wire and butt connectors for c)-f)
*check to see if the signal lights flash(left for left and right for right)
*if they flash for the wrong side switch the blue and blue/red wires around.
*Test all the lights(both signal lights, park lights and brake lights)to make sure they all work if not recheck ALL wiring.

Step 6.

a)tape all connections to keep dust and moisture out.
b) Replace carpet
c)Replace the trim piece you took off
d)Invite all your friends over and show off your new mod lol

Neither Focus Fanatics or myself are responsible if you wreck your car [:)]


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pictures would help a lot for those who would use this

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thats great!!! you found out how to get it to work. i would of never thought of going behind the radio.

i think the only necessary pictures that are needed, are the pics behind the radio, imo.

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Allows you to use euro rear tail lights so you can split the blinker off from the brake/parking lights. You would be able to utilize the euro red and yellow tails or go even further and setup the lower euro tails and reverse.

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I am glad you wrote this up. I am thinking of ordering some new lower euro lights for my F2 bumper. With this system what did you do with your reverse lights?

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Pictures or it didn't happen. [werd]
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