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2-wheel or 4-wheel alignment with new tires?

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Replacing all 4 tires next weekend with Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 in stock size (215/50/17).

Is it a good idea to get an alignment at the same time? 2-wheel or 4-wheel?

Thanks ahead of time for any advice.
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that makes sense mike.

Working well is usually best left alone!

I'd like to add that what's been seen over the years is that Ford's specs on rear toe in tend to allow a bit too much when taken to the extreme or slightly over.

One recent poster had an alignment where the front was done & the rear left alone. Rear was at .30/.35/ ttl. .65. Specs on the sheet called for max. .35 /side, ttl .60. That is slightly over allowable, maxed out on toe in.

A number at the other end of allowable (.10 side) has shown to give the best tire wear & good handling, so I'm afraid if left alone that poster would end up with the rear tire wear issue we see posted here often.

Front at zero to minimal out fits in the allowable range & is easy to get from a shop. That's exactly what that poster got on his (zero).

You'll seldom see perfect numbers, but CLOSE to zero erring to the outside (negative) works in front & CLOSE to .10 erring to the inside (positive) is what we look for that IS within the factory range.
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