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2-wheel or 4-wheel alignment with new tires?

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Replacing all 4 tires next weekend with Hankook Ventus S1 Noble 2 in stock size (215/50/17).

Is it a good idea to get an alignment at the same time? 2-wheel or 4-wheel?

Thanks ahead of time for any advice.
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if your tires wore evenly and had a long life, then your alignment is probably fine.
if you take it in they probably wont have to adjust anything as it will be "on spec", but they'll take your $$ anyways.

However, it is an opportunity to take it in and get a custom alignment. 1/8" maximum combined toe out in the front, 0 (zero) toe in the rear. this is the best combination for handling and long tire life.

ask if they do custom alignements, if they don't find another place. the Ford "spec" is too broad and can contribute to tire damage.
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