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I've been browsing on the forum to see if anyone else has or had this issue but all I could find was Zetecs with similar or worse problems.

Since about 6-7 months I would say, my ST seems to starts making a "rougher" engine sound. I wouldn't say it sounds completely like a diesel but it sounds just rougher and today I noticed a slight ticking noise too. Also I noticed that the car idles pretty high when cold starting it. It starts at 2100 gradually goes down to 1100 (takes about 50 secs to get there) and it will stay there until I start driving (during winter time its worse obviously)

I never start driving right away, I always let it warm up a bit. I also never drive rough it when taking of cold (shift around 2200 rpm).

My current mileage is 78000 kms. I recently replaced my fuel filter. At around 60000 I replaced all my sparks. I change my oil and filter on a regular base. Never use premium gas (nothing higher than 87 octane).

Just wondering if anyone can relate to this issue?
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