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2 1/2 inch inlet muffler options

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I have a 2.3 , cammed, headers, tuned, and some otherstuff...its running a no-converter 21/2 inch pipe exhaust. When I bought it there was no rear muffler , just pipe with chrome tip....a hell of a lot of I had a standard muffler put on...which quieted it down but also restricted all that great exhaust work. What after market muffler can I put on it with a 2 1/2 inlet that will free it up without the drone?
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I'd get a stealth muffler, the flange allows you to bolt it up nice & tight to the flex. There is room behind for another one or a similar size muffler. Your looking for a Magna flow universal round, 2.5 in/out w/ a 4-6'' diameter w/ a case length of 20''-24'''s. IDK what system your running, but theres room to run 2 mufflers behind the flex one in to the other. I'm running a stealth at the head of my Borla system. Checkout my album profile for my pix.
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