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Ok so here is my issue, I have a 2001 ford focus zx3 manual trans.

I originally bought the car with a blown clutch for 200 dollars from a friend and at the time i recently wrecked my other focus which had the same engine just an automatic long story short.

I took the car to a friend of the family mechanic took the engine out of my automatic put it in the manual had the ecu flashed and so forth. No that thats all said and done whenever i drive the car it bucks you whenever you go over
2 1/2k rpms until about 3.5 from 1-4th gear in 5th it doesn't do the bucking i've had it checked to see if its in time multiple times new fuel pump injectors mass air flor sensor thortle body and it still has the same issue it continue to buck you harshly its not like your hitting a little bump it will literally slam you back and forth in your seat but if you give it gas it stops it around 3.5k rpms.

Now my question what could cause this? i mean I've had the ecu flashed multiple times but for some reason i still think its because the ecu in it was for an automatic flashed to manual and its causing a rev limit where it'd normally make the car shift but i am no mechanic and im clueless as what to do its going to be a project car but i don't want to dump money into something that don't run right.

All that aside what other cars can the 2.0 dohc fit into without doing to much modding to it?
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