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Howdy All:

I'm a relatively newbe, but have gathered SVT suspension pieces for my '04 ZX3 2.3 PZEV. Yes, I have read and reread, have found and lost info and still looking for more and I will continue.

My origninal intent was to lower the rear of my hatchback to eliminate or reduce the forward rake stance, by installing only the SVT rear springs, shocks and sway bar. The ratio of spring tension front-to-back goes from 92% stock, to 82 with both Front and rear SVT spring, to 90% with stock front and SVT rear. My question is What effect will this ratio of spring tension front to back have on the cars handling?

The car is still rolling on the stock 5 spoke, 1.95 x 60 x 15" wheels and tires.

This car must do multiple duty as a daily econo-box run-about, ocassional auto crosser and Toad (as in towed behind my RV).

I do enjoy and value this site. Thanks to all who make it happen.

Adios, David
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