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Hi all.
I'm new here and am hoping someone has a solution to my problem.
I drive a 1998 Ford focus Ghia 1.4 Lengine. It drove quite fine and smooth despite its age.
Back in October, I hit a speed brake/speed bump so hard the whole car rattled. Twas at night and wasn't properly signaled.
Since then, the car drives rough. Loud sound from engine. Doesn't accelerate normally. Struggles to get to 80km/h, slight vibrations in the steering and pedals even in neutral.
One of several mechanics has changed the spark plugs, fuel filter, and a few other things. He even told me I had hit the fuel line (not sure that's the name, but carries the fuel from reservoir to engine) and it got bent so he straighten it.
Despite all of that, car still drives rough. I still feel the vibrations and the car won't get past 80km/h. RPMs are usually far higher than the speed I'm driving at.
All of this worries me. I want the drivability back. Anyone had any of the above symptoms?
Thanks in advance.
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