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Hi All,

I have decided to sell my 89 civic si that I purchased about 4 years ago. I really don't have time to Autox this car (I have raced this car maybe 5 or 6 times in past 4 years).

The car was stolen about two years ago but the title is clean as the damage was some minor body damage (see pictures below), stolen wheels and steering wheel. I have recent Carfax report that I can email you per your request.

The car has:


1. NRG Quick release with Brand New Momo steering wheel with NRG lock
2. 15x7.5 949 wheels with Yokohama Advan A08's Tires
3. Additional 15x7 set of wheels (type and offset is unknown but fit the car) with all season tires
3. Progress adjustable rear sway bar
4. Koni Race with Ground control coilovers 450 front 650 rear
5. Neuspeed Strut tower Brace
6. Short Throw Shifter with Authentic Mugen shift knob.
7. Light weight battery with brand new wires.
8. SPC front and rear camber adjustment
9. complete poly bushing
10. Brand New CARB legal CAT with Folomaster Hushpower muffler and DC sport header (very light muffler end right after driver seat, passes the sound at San Diego and it's actually derivable on street)
11. AEM Cold Air Intake
12. Under drive pulley.
13. Ultra-Shield Racing seat with Rear Brace and G-Force 5-point harnesses and harness bar
14. Radio and Speaker Delete
15. AC Delete

New replacement parts:
1. New radiator
2. New steering rack
3. New brake components (Master cylinder, calipers, drums, ...) these cars are notorious for bad break but this car brakes perform better than my F30 BMW.
4. All the ignition parts are new (Wires, Plugs, distributor, distributor cab, ignition coil, ...)
5. New bearings and hubs at all 4 corners
6. New Idle valve controller, an high idle valve controller (Car idles like a new car)
8. New Injectors
9. New sets of Turnsignals still in the box (the ones on the car are cracked)
10.New Breaings all around

Asking Price: $4500 firm, willing to trade with the right focus.

This cars drives very well and engine is very healthy.

Please PM me if you have any questions. see below for the most recent pictures.



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