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14 SE Hatchback.

Replaced BCM at 98000 miles because it burnt out due to corrosion. (Engine wouldn't turn off, if you started it twice the tranny didn't work right. If you unplugged the battery every time before you started it the car ran fine). Paid $300 for a new one from ford direct and it was installed by a Ford Master Tech and they patched it to the latest. Sealed up the gromets for wire entry into the firewall as well just to make sure water or washer fluid wasn't going to get in.

New BCM or at least underneath my glove box something started smoking and smelling like electrical burn. The only thing it was doing was the fog lights would not turn off all of the sudden and this was after I turned off the car. Got back in and it pulled the smoke through my vents. I pulled the fuse for the fog light and put a new fuse in and the issue stopped entirely. Fog lights turn on and off properly and nothing is burning anymore. There must've been an arc on something I was thinking the new BCM was burning but the car isn't throwing any codes. The fuse that I pulled was tested and it wasn't blown. This doesn't make sense that pulling a good fuse just fixed the problem.

I did some looking and the fog light has a relay inside the BCM that is non-serviceable.

Does anyone have any clue what is going on here?
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