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Ok, here is the question. If it has been coverded before please point me in the right direction.

I believe that I could upgrade my 12" stock SVT rotors and calipers to the 13" PBR / Cobra / Baer calipers from the old mustang or use stoptech / Wilwood 13" calipers

I know there is several kits out there but I am far to cheap to pay $700 for front brakes.

Ok, so I can buy new Cobra calipers off ebay for probably less than say $150

I can have the calipers brakets made or I can do them myself.

Now the question is where do I source the 13" rotors? How much are they?

I know I could get custom ones made or get baer replacements but I am looking for inexpensive rotors. (oem quality). They should be less than $150?

I would hope that an old mustang model has the exact specs that I need for the svt hubs would work.

And before you post "the svt has great brakes why would you want to change them" They are great brakes, even better with cross drilled. I just want to see what is possible and remember its reversable if I don't like it.

If I can find a way to save $400+ on a DIY kit I think a few people would be interested.
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