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12v source for my new lights

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i bought some auxilary lights and mounted them in my lower grill. the instructions say to connect them to a switched 12v power source such as a headlight so i spliced the wire on one of my fog lights and attached the wires they told me to but the new lights didnnt work... where is a 12v source i can hook em up to?
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ahhh noooooo

not into the fog light circuit! thats going to Fry the wires no matter how low wattage the lights are.

you have to set up a SEPRATE system for them... aka...

Power wire from Batt to switch (your own switch)
Switch to Fuse (in an easy to get to spot)
Fuse to light's
Ground lights

then they will work.

if you bought a kit, from like walmart or autozone.. they should have switches and wires in there already... i dont know if it will be long enough, but cut and splice with a thicker gauge wire if you have to add on.
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Yes, if you were to be running that amount of lights.. in the wattage, you would want to use a relayed system instead of using the switch and fuse only.

But, with what he has... Probably the same as mine because of the location where he wants to put them.. there and im only guessing.. 55W output and a lower ampers draw.

if you want to be more... "professional" and if the lights cost an ample amount, then yes go right forth with a Relayed system. but if its the 30$ lights like mine are... i wouldn't worry about it, been running mine setup on my loader backhoe for 5 years.

Good info though on that website for people that don't totally understand how replays help and work. :)
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