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I removed the amp and subwoofer from the box.

Now, just playing around, and doing preliminary testing with my 10" sub.
I was quite pleased to hear decent sound from my subwoofer mounted inverted.

Why inverted?
it's a space-saver. The audiophile box is like what 0.5 cuft?

I used a few sticks of modeling clay around the perimeter of the sub box (also the large gap on the top and top/left)

I bagged the subwoofer into a grocery bag, and It's a near perfect fit!
It sealed really well, Then I used several long pieces of masking tape to hold the sub in place so It doesn't come smashing to the ground, as I place it in my hatch.

with only 30 or so minutes, I managed to hook it up and do some sound-testing. It responded well, aside from the wizzy sounds the plastic grocery bag made, but the bass is heard well, if you ignore the plastic bag noise.

I am happy with it mounted inverted. It was the ugliest work of ghetto-rigging imaginable, But it worked and produced some nice rear view mirror vibes.

So, I went back to the house to work on it some more.
I fiberglassed over the clay that was added to the top/top left gaps. It actually looks really good. I will finish up some sanding, and carpet over the box, anc screw that bad boy in.

BTW, the sub is a 10" Gravity Audio. 400 watt.
Pics will come tomorrow.
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