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My daughter's 2008 SE has been having problem after problem with the various doors.

The first to quit was the Right Rear, both Interior and Exterior handles quit operating simultaneously.

In short succession the remaining three doors have experienced problems, to the point that neither back door opens at all and the front two only open from the interior.

Having found the Left Front's problem to be the plastic rod retainer, I replaced that. A few weeks later, the the exterior quit working again, this time it was the pot metal tab on the Handle Assembly. $63 in parts later and that was replaced. Less than a week after that my daughter came in telling me it quit again. When I opened up the door panel this last time I found all the rods and linkage working fine but the Latch assembly only clicks and does not unlatch.

I found this to be the same with the Right Front Door.

Is it safe to assume that the Latch assembly itself is broken? Or is it something else?

In looking for latch assemblies I find several year ranges for these, but tend to find them up to 07 and 09 and later. Are 08 latches specific to that year?

All help greatly appreciated.

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