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07 ZX3 with locked compressor

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I have a 2007 ZX3 that I am giving to my son who only has to pay me back for the repairs to make it reliable.

We have replace front rotors, pads, struts, control links and wheel bearings. Rear drums, shoes and shocks and tires all around. The tires are from another wrecked car in our "inventory"

After driving it for 2 weeks the a/c compressor has locked. The car is sitting at a repair shop with an $800 - $1250 estimate. It has 189,000 miles.

Some research, you cannot simply bypass with a shorter belt and there is no a/c bypass kit available.

I went to pull-a-part and got used. I do not want to replace the condenser and dryer and flush the system. The mechanic at the shop said if I do not charge the system the compressor will lock because the refrigerant also lubes the bearings.

--- question if I unplug the connector or pull the fuse wont the clutch just spin and so the compressor does not need lubrication?
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IIRC there was an old thread in "duratec performance" where a bracket/pulley from another Ford engine was found that would fit to replace the A/C compressor for A/C removal.

I'd have to say the mechanic is both right & wrong. The compressor will likely freeze up over time from disuse & lack of oil, making it useless as an A/C compressor. The pulley system will last until it gives up as a pulley alone with the clutch wiring detached, sounds like your old one was "locked up" completely with the compressor & clutch/pulley system shot.
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