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Been reading these forums for a couple months now, lots of great info. Just bought a focus about a month ago from a "mechanic". Spent the first few weeks doing required repairs, bushings, gaskets, vent selector switch, leaky hatch and more to do.

Previous owner put on a Steeda CAI and rear sway bar. Bushings were shot, still looking for the right ones, set #4 coming tomorrow, hopefully these will work. Steeda was no help finding the right ones, gave me the wrong size and wouldn't give a part #. They also put on a high flow, looks like 2.5" exhaust and cat.

Got ticking flappers, IMRC, replaced the IMRC valve due to code saying it was bad, that code cleared but still had a code for #1 being open. Considered deleting the flaps, so I plugged and disco'd the vac lines to see how it ran, didn't seem bad but there was a noticeable difference in low end torque. I plan on replacing the intake since I can't find the flaps for a reasonable price with shipping. During that swap I'll do all the gaskets, PCV valve, possibly hose, possibly vacuum hoses, we'll see how everything looks when I get in there.

Car runs pretty good so far, doing my first Autocross in it this weekend. Looking for some 16" wheels for the car to expand tire options for that, anyone have some for sale, depending on price I may be interested. Might get a tuner in the future, sounds like Tom would be a good resource when I pull that trigger.

That seems like enough of a hello for now, I'm sure I'll have more questions and ideas in the future, glad this forum exists.

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