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My '06 Focus has the single CD, MP3 capable deck without the factory CD changer and it has an "AUX" button on the face, under the phone-mute button and next to the big round "MENU" button. When pressing the "AUX" button the display reads "NO INPUT DETECTED" or something along those lines.
I removed my deck this morning and found there is a second plug for another harness, I'm guessing this is for the factory sub option.
I went through the "Official How-To" Sticky Thread and couldn't find anything that specifically pertains to this.

A lot of info but bear with me...there is a question coming...

Is there a way to wire in an AUX input to play music off of my phone/MP3 player?
I know using a USB style plug won't work, I'm referring to a simple 3.5mm jack.
Has anyone done this with success?
Am I correct in assuming the second harness style plug is for the factory sub option?

I'm having a difficult time finding a wiring diagram of the one harness/connector.

Any help would be much appreciated, I want to try this before I go and drop $250 on the Alpine deck I've had my eyes on.


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Before I put in the dvd player in my Focus I had the 6 disk changer in it and had Sirius radio with it and used the Aux out jack in the back for an adapter to power the Sirius Sportster.

You can find what your looking for here , or this is where I got everything I needed to add Sirius to my stock radio .
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