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grab that plastic hose that starts at the top
very carefully with a small screwdriver push down on the clips
at the same time until you see that it get loose then softy pull the fuel line out
repeat the same step for the one that is right before the fuel rail

put your stock line away and head on over to an auto parts store
look for 1/4" 6.4mm 50psi goodyear fuel hose
buy 2 feet to work comfortable and dont forget to buy hose clamps

grab some vaseline with a q-tip and apply a small amount on both end
that you have cut out to be your desired length slide them in and
tighten up your clamps and you are good to go.

this way you dont have to mess around with the fuel rail
cause a mistake will cost you way more

now you can cut your line install your tee and hook up your fuel solenoid
with no problems.

total cost of project 3.99
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